An Open Letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi

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Dear Prime Minister Sir,

I have a strange affinity with you. My ancestors were from the same city of Gujarat as you were born in – Vadnagar. I am thus related to you. Mine and your ancestors are from the same motherland. My forefathers moved to Punjab some 10 generations ago and now we are all Punjabis – by language, culture, birth and death. Pure Punjabis are we. We even have dreams in Punjabi now.  

Famously known as the warrior state of India, Punjab and born out of Adam’s rib Haryana are restless these days. Hundreds of thousands of the farmers of these states have been opposing the 3 agri laws enacted by your government for long. This type of agitation has appeared for the first time after independence. Both these states have filled the storehouses of grain of the country after the Green Revolution.     

You are a very powerful Prime Minister of a very powerful country and a very powerful government. There’s no doubt about it. The majesty of the people in power and on throne is multiplied when they take decisions for the benefit of the majority of their country. Once a man caught hold of the then Prime Minister Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru and aksed him, ‘What has your freedom given us?’ The Prime Minister replied, ‘You can get hold of your Prime Minister like this…this is the gift of independence to you.’ This is enough for me to say that we the Punjabis have not caught hold of you instead they have approached you with a request. It is your responsibility to listen to them as you are the Prime Minister of these all.

About 150 farmers have died so far in this agitation. You have been the Prime Minister of those people too. It pains that you didn’t even shed a single tear for them.

Dear Prime Minister sir, don’t you feel the pain of these people when they sit in the open in the frigid and frosty days and nights? I disagree. You cannot sleep peacefully, I bet.

You have to take the country to newer heights and for that you need the help of the corporates. Similarly, the farmers have to produce food for the countrymen and they need you. If the corporates don’t cooperate with you, how would you feel? Similarly, if the farmers don’t have their Prime Minister on their side, they also will feel the same pinch.

Dear Prime Minister sir, these farmers are your family. If you repeal these agri laws once and invite them to sit with you and agricultural economists and other experts to form new laws, I promise and bet, not only the farmers of these two states but from all over the country will be on your side. Only you have to do is to hug them once.

The Punjabis have had great relations with even the strangers… they sacrificed their lives for those who loved them. Canada once loved one Bukkan Singh and he made the supreme sacrifice at the prime of his youth for this country.     

The Punjabis have sacrificed their lives in Italy, Germany, UK, France only because they were called to the duty with love and affection.

How can you think of these Punjabis as your opponents? Punjabis can never be opponents.

The way you have castled at the Delhi borders, it can never be justified, sir. How can a government be scary of its own farmers? The way they are being treated is like the one shown to the enemies, please, don’t do so. They have come to hug you not to pick up a row.

Dear Mr Prime Minister, I am nothing for and before the farmers but I do feel sorry if you have had pain for their deeds and I am of firm belief that they will also forgive you for the things done to stop them from coming to Delhi.  

I am nothing before your stature as well, Mr Prime Minister but I have a right to supplicate. Rivers from all directions come down to the ocean to merge into it and the Ocean never denies to accept them. You are also like an ocean, sir. Two rivers from Punjab and Haryana have emerged at your doorstep. Hug them, accept them.

Believe me, sir, the day you do so, you will have a very peaceful sleep.

A good prime Minister is the one who sleeps peacefully.

Yours faithfully,

Rishi Nagar.



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